Fertilizing a Citrus Tree

Use a fertilizer specifically for citrus plants, fruit or nut producing plants. These fertilizers have elements required for fruit production. It is also recommended to use foliar applied micronutrient nutritionals that citrus trees crave—they provide additional “vitamins” your trees will love. GrowScripts has a great nutritional that is based on what has been proven in the citrus industry. You can find more information about GrowScripts products for homeowners by visiting www.GrowScripts.com.

Newly Transferred and Mature Citrus Trees 

For the first three years of newly planted trees it is recommended to fertilize from late February thru the first of October about every 6 weeks to establish a larger, fuller canopy on your citrus tree. (Note: slow release fertilizers will be less often, follow label directions.) Spread fertilizers evenly under canopy. Granular fertilizers can burn tree roots and cause issues if used to heavily. It is recommended to use a slow release fertilizer high in nitrogen and potassium as that is what newly transplanted and established trees look for most. Citrus trees are heavy feeders and can benefit from 3-4 slow release feedings throughout the suggested fertilizing months above. Along with fertilizing with a product such as an 18-5-10 Control Release consider additional applications of Essential Micronutrient Nutritionals as their label directions suggest.

Balanced nutrition of plants should be a high priority management objective for every citrus grower. Plants require a balanced nutrition program formulated to provide specific needs for maintenance and for expected production performance. Properly nourished fruit trees or plants grow stronger, produce more consistently, have better disease resistance, and are more tolerant to stresses. Source: Plant Nutrients for Citrus Trees an IFAS published document #SL 200. First printed: January 2003. Reviewed February 2009.

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    • Trivium by GrowScripts is a great product. It is generally suggested to apply 3-4 times a year so that your plant can have what it needs over the course of time without you having to worry about it running out. Being that it is a 6-8 month release time you should be OK. However, application rates will vary depending on the size of tree. the recommendation is to cast the granules so that they are a pencil erasers width apart and do this every quarter of time in the year to cover the soil. Our most important part of this is to make sure there is green all over the soil as that is what will permeate down into the roots for feeding.r. This time of year if the tree is outside know that new growth may get hurt as it is tender.

    • While we cant say with 100% that citrus trees are not harmful we would say that they are not to harmful… What is meant is that no tree or plant is good for cats to be eating and they could get sick from eating on citrus. We would keep them away from the tree if at all possible. Hope this helps

  • Florine Desrosiersbabedes@gmail.com

    I have a dwarf lime squat, it has a few blossom s and 1 small fruit, when should I fertilize it. It. Is an indoor location.

  • I received a beautiful Citrus x meyeri ‘Meyer Improved’ 4682 from White Flower Farm in December and it is covered with beautiful white flower buds now. It came with GrowScripts slow-release fertilizer & citrus Nutrition spray. I find the application directions on the tag confusing. I live in Washington DC where the current temperature is 48 degrees. The appplication instructions for cnspray say ‘when it is warm enough to spray plant outdoors’ spray. It is now Jan. 5, so to confirm, I need to wait 4-5 months to spray?

    • It is because of the spray more than anything. If you can put it into the sink and spray as to not have overspray you should be ok. We always recommend moving outside because of overspray though. Also, You can use it as a soil drench / water it into the soil if you wish; just do a lighter dose… Dilute with 2 times the water. Hope this helps.

  • Hello, I just purchased the Liquid citrus tree micronutrients from your web site. Can I spray this on the blooms? My lemon tree is flowing like crazy and I want to know if it’s to spray with the micronutrients. Thanks so much!

  • Oh Dear …..I live in Massachusetts and received a Calamondin Citrus Tree for Xmas. I was fragrant with buds and fruit and now leaves are curling and falling off. I’m so worried as I hope I can help it live and flourish!
    It is indoors in filtered light, warm and following directions on watering. I haven’t fed it yet but now urgent I believe to give it TONS of attention. I have a sunny atrium full of Spring-like conditions coming soon but not for a couple months…..hanging in for help and suggestions!

  • I live in Florida. My Meyer Lemon tree did not produce last year. This year it produced a lot of new leaves but no blooms as of yet. We have big problems with leaf miners and Srilankan weabols. I fed it a organic fertilizer from IV Organics N13 P12 K13 Mg1 S3 Ca 3. Last month. No results yet. Any suggestions? Please help

    • Minor elements – feed the tree some micronutrients ands what happens. If the tree produced new growth it means it is in a happy place for sure.

  • I just brought home a calamondin and wiped off a lot of residue from the leaves. It came off easily and stained my white cloth green. Was this likely the foliar-applied micronutrients? Should I reapply?

    • Your ok for now. The residue could have been from water. Hard to tell what it was as the tree came from a retail location we are not sure of where. Feed and care are important so just get on feed and micronutrient regimen.

    • Hi Penny, Thanks for the question. You’re going to spread the retain dry soil amendment on the soil. Watering it in is something you can do but in general irrigation and rain will do that for you.

  • I have lime tree in 17 inch pot. I had it in my porch in a sunny location. It will get about 3 hours of sun shine. It’s full of flowers and tiny lemons. It’s loosing both green leaves and fruit at the same time. I put the tree outside the porch to full sun around 4 days ago. I put two tbs of 8-3-9 . And watered. I’m I too late ?

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