Help With Flowering and Fruit Set

Flowering and fruit set is why we grow our beloved citrus trees. Either or the sweet aroma of citrus blossom or that great taste of fresh citrus that is hard to beat. When it comes to flowering and fruit set a healthy citrus tree is going to produce more. Optimization if the tree is done via fertilizing and care. Here are a few tips that may aid in ultimate results of flowering and fruit set.

Citrus trees flower and produce fruit in response to environmental stresses. Generally stress is considered bad, but in this case stress is natural and good. What is meant here is that a tree coming out of dormancy in the Spring is a good stress as the tree is doing what Mother Nature intended… Getting ready for a new year of growth and fruit production. Outside trees will be easy to produce flowering and fruit set as they are working in conjunction with the weather and seasons. Indoor citrus trees may need a little help and that is why it is always suggested to keep container citrus in a bright sunny place. The days and warmth are a good indicator to the citrus trees on what they should be doing.

Fertilizing right in the spring is always recommended as the tree is coming out of dormancy and going right into the growth and production stage. If your tree doesn’t have the food needed it will likely have a hard time producing. Another thing to consider for increasing bloom (which in the long run is fruit set) is added nutritional elements that citrus trees crave. Nutritional treatments right before bud set such as Calcium and Boron can aid the tree in getting what it needs at just the right time. Different micro-elements are needed by the tree for different things. Calcium and Boron are elements proven to aid the tree is flowering and fruit set.

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  • We have a cat and they are known to be attracted to green plants and may eat some of the leaves. Is a Persian lime tree harmful to pets(cat) if it would eat some of the bottom leaves?

  • I got a citrus tree from you guys from a greenhouse nursery. Its January and is covered in buds, I have it under an hps 150w light by a window as well. Does the tree think its spring and I should fertilize? Or did you guys fertilize it before it was shipped to them.

  • I have had my lemon tree for 2 winters. I live in NC. It produced growth this summer being outside, i brought it inside as freezing nights approached. It flowered in Dec. and all the blooms feel off , but no lemons. I don’t think it suppose to bloom in winter.
    It did the same thing last year. I purchased it in November in SC and it was blooming. the blooms feel off and no lemons then either!
    I put it outside in March and leave it all summer.

    Help please

    • Your almost there on blooming. What we would recommend is getting the tree feed up with micronutrients and an additional bloom time spray. It will help with cell wall development when the fruit is coming on. Also know that by the sounds of yor tree it is a variety that is ever-bearing which means blooms and has fruit throughout the year. Here is a good link for you:

  • received a Meyer Lemon for Christmas gift….in Pennsylvania, sunshine is so limited in the winter….it’s in a WEST window….the best we have in our house…..leave don’t look very lush, flowers dropping (which i guess they would now??)….smells pretty tho! Does it need a grow light? or do the leaves need to be spritzed? hoping i can keep it alive and thriving! thank you, LN

  • Jacqueline Kuetbach

    I have two indoor citrus trees, one is lemon and one orange. they were purchased at a reputable greenhouse in Sept. The lemon tree completely lost its leaves, while the orange one did not. We purchased a grow light in December as we were told they need more light in the winter, especially. I also mist them and give them plant food occasionally. Will the lemon tree start to produce leaves again? Also, will both trees start to flower in the spring? The orange tree has about 8 small oranges I would say are ready to pick. Would appreciates anything you can tell me about growing indoor citrus trees. Thanks very much!

  • i just got my meyer lemon plant today in the mail it looks great. the info paper said to polinate with a brush if being kept indoors but didn’t say what to use and when. Also I live in oregon so planning on keeping it indoors how often do i water it? thanks!

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