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Citrus Care Calendar Suggested Times of Care

Not much happening this time of year. The goal is to keep your tree happy with watering and care. Indoor trees can benefit from proper watering and maybe even a sprits or two of water to the leaves of the tree. This will help with moisture as Citrus are partial to humid climates... In addition a light foliar micronutrient application can help with yellowing leaves and deep rich leaf color. With outdoor trees the goal is nt to get any new growth as cold weather could damage the growth.

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The Role Of Nutrition



Calcium is utilized by plants for cell division and formation, aids in translocation of photosynthesis from leaves to fruiting organs and increases fruit set.




Boron is important for proper germination and pollen grain production, essential for cell wall formation and promotes maturity.


Products To Consider


GrowScripts Citrus Tree Micronutrients

CI32GrowScripts Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional is a formulation of micronutrients most often found deficient in Citrus. It is a product formula based on what is proven successful in the commercial citrus industry. GrowScripts Citrus Tree Micronutrient Nutritional is a liquid supplement for foliar application to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies.

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GrowScript Kits & Subscriptions

CIK15 200GrowScripts is the next step in growing your baby successfully. Providing a simple, user-friendly, way to nurture citrus trees without all the guesswork. They've developed feeding programs that anyone can subscribe to.  Best of all... You can purchase the care kits at many locations across Florida across Florida, or they can send you just the right amount of product at just the right time directly to your door—and it’s the stuff the pro's use too.

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