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There is an ISD Tag on My Citrus Tree... What Does It Mean?

Here is a brief explanation of why there is an ISD tag on your citrus tree:

Propagating citrus nursery are required by the State of Florida's Ag Department to treat every tree that leaves their screen-house facility with the systemic insecticide, at that time an ISD tag is placed on the plant with the date of application, as well an expiration date, which is 6 months later than the date of application. The primary reason for the use is to prevent Psyllids from spreading HLB (citrus Greening), not every Pysllid is a carrier of HLB, but the effort is to protect the plant from HLB.

The treatment also prevents other insects that might feed on the tree from doing so as well, like Aphids, white flies, citrus leaf minors and any other piercing or sucking insects. What this means to a homeowner is that it gives added protection against pests. Another way of looking at it is that it helps reduce the amount of open wounds on a leaf's surface, which reduces the point of entry for citrus canker. Learn more about citrus canker by visiting our citrus canker page.

[PALM BEACH POST] Citrus resurgence: Florida residents must pay a lot more to bear fruit again after canker war

Screen_shot_2011-12-28_at_6.31.43_PMKathy and Bob Powers of Boca Raton were heartbroken when their two healthy mature citrus trees, one a Ruby Red grapefruit tree, were cut down in 2003 during the canker fight. The government program required the destruction of trees within 1,900 feet of an infected tree.

The couple replanted citrus around 2006, but three years later, the trees were removed after contracting greening disease. They're considering planting once again.

"I hope everybody plants tons of them," Kathy Powers said. "It is a right of being a Floridian. Those trees were my babies."

Introducing for the Dooryard Grower has been created to provide homeowners with a valuable information, used by commercial citrus growers, to help them grow their dooryard citrus trees to their fullest potential. It is a fruitful way (no pun intended) for Record Buck Farms and KeyPlex Direct to give to those interested in dooryard citrus. The core message of My Citrus Tree is to educate home growers and gardeners about the importance of plant nutrition, with an emphasis on battling citrus tree diseases like citrus canker.

Plants and trees are no different than people or animals when it comes to the importance of good nutrition. Like the human body has the ability to fight off infection, plants have similar built-in protective mechanisms to help fight off disease.



KeyPlex Citrus HG Nutritional

KeyPlex Citrus HG
KeyPlex Citrus HG - 32 oz. Plant Micronutrient Nutritional

KeyPlex Direct is introducing KeyPlex Citrus HG, which is a consumer version of KeyPlex’s highly regarded micronutrient formulation that’s been used by commercial citrus growers throughout the state of Florida. Sign up now to be put on the waiting list for product and event information. If you happen to see a pink flamingo in your travels don't be alarmed... It's part of the promotion! Find us on facebook and tell us where you've had a sighting!

KeyPlex Citrus HG is a formulation of micronutrients most often found deficient in Florida Citrus. It contains alpha-keto acids, which may facilitate utilization of micronutrients, and increase resistance to environmental stress. It also contains humic acid, which may enhance soil micronutrient availability. KeyPlex Citrus HG is formulated for foliar application to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies when used as directed

Applications of KeyPlex Citrus HG on a routine basis may:

  • Reduce tree stress, and increase growth and vigor, so the tree can produce healthy fruit that tastes great!
  • University of Florida IFAS recommends that maintaining proper nutritional levels in citrus may promote resistance to certain diseases of citrus.